All Terrain Collapsible Wagon With Table

All Terrain Collapsible Wagon With Table – The MAC Sports All-Terrain Wagon with Folding Table comes with huge, rubbed wheels that make this folding wagon with table a safe and durable item for your use. Due to its built-in folding table with recessed cup holders, you can easily take drinks and food whenever you need, to the park or other outdoor activities. Plus, these storing compartments are also good for carrying sunglasses, cell phones, keys or other important things. You can forget about not knowing how to put together a folding wagon with table. This wagon doesn’t require any assembly, so you can use it straight away. A great thing about it is that you can fold it up in a matter or seconds and take it with you. Just pack it and then unpack it each time you plan a trip. It’ll sure come in handy and it’ll be a safe and fun addition to your family’s outdoor adventures.

MAC-Sports-All-Terrain-Wagon-with-Folding-Table All Terrain Collapsible Wagon With Table

All Terrain Collapsible Wagon With Table Features

Made with durable 600D polyester fabric, the MAC Sports All-Terrain Wagon with Folding Table is a safe wagon for all members of your family. Also, its steel frame construction assures easy hauling on all types of surfaces. Feel free to store or transport up to 150 pounds (50lb in deep sand) and enjoy this wagon’s roomy design.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before buying this folding wagon with table, consider the fact that’s not made to transport children of any age.

All Terrain Collapsible Wagon With Table Pros

  • Made of durable 600D polyester fabric;
  • Has solid steel frame construction;
  • Only 10” thick when folded;
  • Can roll on different types of surfaces;

All Terrain Collapsible Wagon With Table Cons

  • It cannot take fast spins in the sand;



This large capacity folding wagon with table is a safe buy. You’ll definitely appreciate its roomy interior, as well as its quality design. You can now take plenty of stuff with you, without having to worry about the terrains in front of you.

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This wagon worked great. I had no issues with it tipping as others have stated. I also had this little wagon LOADED full of beach toys, a full yeti hopper, speaker, canopy, etc., etc... and my 4-year-old a couple of trips... and pulled this through the soft sand with no problems. Now... did it pull super easy? No... but easier than others with thin tires which sink in the sand. These tires did float on the sand but the weight is weight... through soft surfaces. I also have not used this on any other surface/terrain so I cannot comment on use in off camber dirt, grass, etc.. Again, I only use this for the beach and it works great.

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