All-Terrain Multi Purpose Utility Cart For Gardening, Camping, Beach Trips, & Travelling

All Terrain Multi Purpose Utility Cart For Gardening, Camping, Beach Trips, & Travelling – This all-terrain folding wagon will surely be a great option if you plan on taking your kids or toddlers with you in the park or to the seaside. You can take this multi purpose utility folding wagon everywhere. Not only can you use it to take your little ones somewhere, but you can also make use of it in the garden or at the grocery store.

Because of its large weight capacity, this wagon is an ideal solution if you want to transport plenty of things in a single trip.

Opting for this all-terrain wagon means being able to combine safety and utility. Your kids will love riding in it, and you’ll also be very pleased to avoid making several time-consuming trips back and forth each time you have to move all of your essentials. Sports venues, the beach, the park, you choose it.  You can take this multi purpose wagon everywhere, and it’ll do its job.

All-Terrain-Multi-Purpose-Utility-Cart All Terrain Multi Purpose Utility Cart

All Terrain Multi Purpose Utility Cart Features

This easily expandable utility wagon offers extra adjustable all-terrain 4-inch wide rubber wheels which are perfect for transportation on different types of surfaces (sand, grass, snow). Plus, they offer a very quiet ride on hard grounds. Because it folds and unfolds quickly, you can take it anywhere with you. The three front pockets and the six pockets along the flap are perfect for storing drinks and snacks to take along the way, as well as gardening tools, phones or keys.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before you buy this multi purpose folding utility wagon, keep in mind to have a proper place to store it. The wagon should be covered in the travel sleeve or store in the garage, in a cool, dry location.

All Terrain Multi Purpose Utility Cart Pros

  • The Mars Rover wheels make it capable of rolling on grass, gravel, sand, unpaved surfaces and even patios;
  • Rotating wheels in the front with a 360 degree turning radius;
  • The wagon has a solid frame, and the fabric is solid, providing the strength needed to carry up to 150lbs.

All Terrain Multi Purpose Utility Cart Cons

  • The basket is bolted to the frame and cannot be taken off for cleaning;
  • When loaded with 40+ pounds, this wagon is not ideal in loose sand;



This wagon can be easily folded and stored in your garage or transported in your car. With just one pull on the toggle, you get to have a fun and practical wagon that’ll roll not only on concrete but also on packed gravel and dirt roads.

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I have not had the chance to try this out yet but out of the box, I LOVED this wagon!!! I settled on this choice because of the large wheels and all the storage pockets. Also, the loops on the side to hold tools and such are actually adjustable Velcros so you can use them to hold various sized objects. I'll be using it to carry a beach umbrella!

There is absolutely zero assembly. Out of the box, you remove the handy cover, unfold and voila! I read a couple of reviews saying that the back wheels that push together to fold close tend to slide back to the middle while in use but there is actually a small clip on the outside of each wheel that clicks to the sides of the frame to hold the wheels in place when open.

It is small so could be easily missed. There's also a clip between the wheels to hold them together. Folding and unfolding is very easy though moving those wheels apart is a little tough but no biggie. Very simple instructions were included but didn't point out these little features. When folded the wagon stands by itself and you can pull it with the handle. Over all, so far I'm THRILLED.

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