Gray Folding Wagon Without Canopy – A compact and foldable wagon, The Gray Folding Wagon Without Canopy can suit different needs.

You’ll appreciate its durability, as well as its comfortable maneuverability.

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This wagon is actually a perfect option not only when going outdoors, but also for doing chores around the house or when shopping. What’s great about this folding wagon is that it can be set up in a few seconds.


It doesn’t require any assembly and it can be easily packed and unpacked by anyone. Not to mention that it’s really easy to take from one place to another, without taking up too much space in your car and without being too heavy. Also, when you need great storage, this wagon will definitely come in handy.


You can save time while taking your groceries home since you can now carry them in your very own wagon. And this wagon is really stable and durable. So you don’t have to worry about weight since its heavy duty frame allows you to load and haul up to 120 pounds.

Gray-Folding-Wagon-Without-Canopy Gray Folding Wagon Without Canopy

Gray Folding Wagon Without Canopy – Features

This foldable wagon comes with a long, adjustable handle that provides great ergonomic grip. It’s built to be as easy to control as possible. For this matter, the front swivel wheels provide extra control when turning in tight places or really crowded spaces. Also, the roomy interior allows you to carry your essentials pretty much everywhere you need.


With a large storage capacity, the Gray Folding Wagon Without Canopy it’s a great solution for hauling gear to outdoor events or for outside activities in your garden. You can also carry your kid’s favorite toys and snacks in the convenient compartments. They’ll definitely appreciate it. And if you feel like it’s time to store it, all you have to do is fold it with one move. Storing it’s just as easy and to make matters even easier, the handle folds under the wagon to save extra space.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you think of buying this wagon not just for hauling your gear, but also that your kids can ride in it, keep in mind that this is definitely not possible. Doing so is unsafe and certainly not indicated, so you may want to reconsider purchasing it.

  • This wagon can handle a wide range of terrain.
  • Built with a sturdy frame and strong Cordura fabric.
  • It can haul up to 120 pounds.
  • Its front swivel wheels make turning in tight spaces really easy.
  • When loaded heavily and rolling on sand, this wagon may fall over if it takes sharp turns.


The Gray Folding Wagon Without Canopy is built to easily fold up and taken down in a couple of seconds. With a sturdy frame and compact design, this wagon is perfect for outdoor activities, as well as for at home chores.

Due to its over-sized, rubber all-terrain wheels, you’ll find this folding wagon incredibly adaptable to different types of surfaces and road conditions.

These same wheels provide great maneuverability and comfortable control besides quiet and soft rolling. So you’ll surely enjoy this wagon’s strength and durability on different occasions.

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