The Push-Pull Gray Folding Wagon With Canopy – Pink/Gray is built for maximum maneuverability. This wagon is quite different than the usual ones because of its unique push/pull function.

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  • This means that not only can you use it to pull different gears from one place to another, but you can also drive it wherever you need.
  • The removable canopy adds extra protection from the elements, and it’s perfect for going to the beach, to trips to the park, for picnics, and even for shopping and deliveries.


You’ll find its versatility a great bonus. Also, not only can this wagon be folded up in a few seconds, but it also stands by itself when in the folded position.

  • This is convenient for when you want to store it, and you don’t too much space. So it can be easily stored in garages, trunks, or even the back seat of your car.
  • Plus, once it’s unfolded, you can use the convenient accessory pockets to organize your gear just as you please and then take it with you to your destination.

Push-Pull-Folding-Wagon-With-Canopy-Pink-Gray Push Pull Folding Wagon With Canopy

Push-Pull Folding Wagon With Canopy – Features

This push-pull folding wagon includes a series of particular features that are specifically designed to make your living simpler when it comes to carrying all essentials. Some newly added features make this wagon safe to use not only for adults but also for children.


Including two child safety harnesses and locking, foot-activated breaks on all four wheels, this wagon can provide safe and steady rides on all types of surfaces.

  • Also, due to its front swivel wheels, controlling this wagon is a lot easier than expected. So opting for this all-terrain wagon means choosing an item that successfully conveniently combines safety and utility.


Things to Consider Before Buying

Before deciding to buy this push pull folding wagon, keep in mind that this wagon shouldn’t be used for children to ride in it. It’ll be unsafe for them, so if you’re planning on buying a wagon that your kids can ride in, you should reconsider this.



This wagon comes with a removable canopy top.

  • Has a patented metal frame.
  • Front wheels swivel 360 degrees.
  • All four wheels have locking breaks.
  • Has two child safety harne
  • Sometimes, on a side slope, the front wheelbase can make the wagon tip over if not maneuvered carefully.


Quick and easy to fold up and to take down, this folding wagon with a canopy is an innovative and durable item for your everyday life. Because it’s designed for protection, safety, and durability, this wagon has all the necessary features for effortless transportation and storage.

Whether you plan on using it for a shopping trip, for outdoor events, or chores around the house, the new Push Pull Folding Wagon has everything you can need.

You’ll surely be very pleased to now be able to avoid making several time-consuming trips back and forth each time you have to move your gear.

By just taking this push/pull a folding wagon with canopy where you need, you can be sure that it’ll do its job and it’ll save you precious time.

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