The Yellow Folding Wagon Without Canopy is built to take control and transport very easy and effortless.

This folding wagon is adapted to roll on different surfaces, from sand to snow, grass, and dirt. It’s large rubber wheels are perfect for a comfortable ride and since it has front swivel wheels, turning in tight spaces or full events is surely not so complicated as it may seem.

Creative Outdoor Push Pull Hauler Wagon for Kids, 200lbs Weight Capacity,...
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Creative Outdoor Push Pull Hauler Wagon for Kids, 200lbs Weight Capacity,...
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Also, this wagon can handle a wide range of surfaces without lacking comfort and style.


The rubber tread wheels make it perfect for hauling your gear safely and sturdily regardless of the terrain ahead. It’ll roll smoothly and quietly, and it’ll be straightforward to control due to its long handle and ergonomic grip. And because it doesn’t require any assembly, you can use it whenever you like. This wagon can be packed and unpacked in a matter of seconds, folded up and carried to the destination you have in mind. So it’ll sure come in handy if you think of making a safe and durable addition that’ll simplify your everyday life.

Yellow-Folding-Wagon-Without-Canopy Yellow Folding Wagon Without Canopy

Yellow Folding Wagon Without Canopy – Features

This easily folding wagon with canopy offers extra adjustable all-terrain wide rubber wheels that are perfect for rolling on different types of surfaces (sand, grass, snow, dirt). These wheels also offer a smooth ride on the hardest of surfaces. Plus, because The Yellow Folding Wagon Without Canopy comes with a long adjustable handle, transporting and controlling it on multiple terrains is easier than expected.


Because it can be quickly folded up and unfolded, you can take it anywhere with you. Due to its robust and sturdy design, this wagon can carry up to 120 pounds without facing any problem when it comes to stability and storage. Also, the durable and strong Cordura fabric is convenient. Not only is it fast and easy to clean, but it’s also very resistant and can offer protection from the elements. So this wagon can be a safe solution for outside activities or outdoor events, just as well as it can be a useful item around the house, for hauling gear.


Things to Consider Before Buying

If you plan on buying this wagon for your children, perhaps it’s better to know that they cannot ride in it. This is not recommended no matter what age your kids have.


  • Built with robust and sturdy frame.
  • This wagon can roll on a broad range of terrains.
  • Made with sturdy Cordura fabric that provides extra durability.
  • Has 120 pounds weight capacity.
  • Although it has steady and big wheels, this wagon cannot take fast spins in the sand.
  • Maneuvering on sand should be made with extra attention.


Without requiring any assembly and being ready to use with just one pull on the toggle, this Yellow Folding Wagon Without Canopy is a great versatile and expandable wagon.

You’ll certainly appreciate its patented metal construction that can support up to 120 pounds and its extra-wide adjustable all-terrain rubber wheels.

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