As someone who has used several wagons over the years, I was excited to get something for hauling up to 300 lbs, and my search ended at the Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon.

The excellent hauling capacity wasn’t the only attraction, but its collapsible design and telescoping handle also made it fit the bill.

Are you looking for a wagon to conveniently carry garden supplies, camping gear, and other stuff? Read this detailed review Mac Sports WPP-100 Push Pull Wagon to know everything about this stroller. 

From things it wins at to its downsides, I’ll cover everything to help you make an informed choice.

My Rating for Mac Sports WPP-100 Push Pull Wagon: 4.5/5

Weight Capacity: 5/5

Understanding the weight capacity of a wagon is crucial for ensuring safe and efficient transportation of your camping gear and other stuff. The bigger the weight capacity, the better it is.

Durability: 4.5/5

A durable wagon is essential for long-term use and cost-effectiveness, as it can withstand harsh conditions and heavy loads without needing frequent repairs or replacements.

Maneuverability: 4.5/5

A wagon with good maneuverability allows for quick and easy movement in different directions, even when loaded fully. Factors that can affect a wagon’s maneuverability include its size, weight, and wheel type.

Aesthetics: 4/5

While aesthetics may not impact the functional aspects of a wagon, they can have a significant impact on how it looks. Wagons can also be stylish, so pay attention to the colors and other features when choosing one.

Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Steel Frame Collapsible Folding 150-Lb Capacity Outdoor...
  • Ideal for sporting events, outdoor concerts,...
  • Heavy-duty steel frame allows loads up to 150...
  • Thick, extra large all-terrain wheels can be...
  • Folds compactly and easily for convenient...
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 37 x 21 x 25...

Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon: Key Specifications and Review 

  • Dimensions: 44.9″D x 23″W x 38.6″H
  • Folded Dimensions: 32.3″ (L) x 23.02″ (W) x 8.3″ (H
  • Wagon Weight: 27.1 lbs
  • Capacity: 300 lbs 
  • Tires: Swivel Casters 
  • Number of Baskets: 2

Perfect for Any Terrain 

Whether you need a wagon to haul your camping supplies or one to stroll in a grocery store, the Mac Sports Pull Push Wagon is perfect. The bigger casters roll smoothly, and you can haul the wagon using the telescoping handle. 

Since it’s a push-pull wagon, you can quickly move it in any direction, even when fully loaded. I loved the big handle with finger accommodators. However, it lacks a rubber grip, and you might feel the strain after pulling it for some time.


I had tried many wagons, and most broke down within a year. I purchased the Mac Sports Pull Push Wagon because of its steel frame and UV-resistant fabric. 

If you are a rough and tough guy who needs a wagon that can last for years, this wagon from Mac Sports is a considerable choice. The powder coating over the frame resists corrosion, making the fabric easy to clean. 

The casters have a thick rubber tread and are puncture-proof, so you can take this wagon on any terrain. The flimsy plastic lock that keeps the wagon folded disappointed me, as I don’t expect that in a premium wagon.

Folds and Unfolds in Seconds

I wanted a wagon that folds and unfolds with one hand, and the Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon has that capability. The folding mechanism is smooth, and the wagon quickly gets into shape as you unfold it.

The best part is that the frame requires no maintenance or oiling, ensure to clean the wagon completely after a beachy day. Once you fold it, you can lock the frame and toss this wagon in your car or RV. 

Capacity – You Can even Carry an XL Camping Cooler in It

Three hundred pounds might sound like a big number for a wagon, but the Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon can accommodate it easily. This is one of the biggest wagons I’ve tested to date. 

After unfolding the wagon, I got plenty of space to keep my stuff organized without crowding the basket.

On the sides of the main basket are multiple mesh pockets to keep your bottles and other stuff handy. Apart from the big basket, this wagon has a smaller mesh pocket on the pushing handle to carry your drinks, smartphone, and other essential things. 

Tip: Make sure to load the top pocket properly to prevent the wagon from tipping over


Maneuvering high-capacity wagons is often a challenge, especially for the elderly. The Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon solves that issue since you can easily pull more weight than pushing it. There are two handles, one to push and a telescoping arm to pull the wagon.

When you are pushing it, you can lock the other handle in place to move the wagon in any direction. Even when topped up to the capacity, the casters run smoothly, giving you more confidence when hauling this collapsible wagon.


The Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon isn’t something you can carry on your back, but it’s an extremely portable wagon you can transport in your car or other vehicles. Considering its size, it is a lightweight wagon, and it gets into a compact shape after you fold it. 

Even if you drive a hatchback, packing this wagon inside your ride’s boot won’t have difficulties. Backpackers or hikers may find it difficult to travel with this wagon, and they can consider the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Steel Frame Collapsible Folding Wagon. 

Value for Money 

Durable wagons don’t come cheap, and if you are looking for a heavy-duty wagon to haul up to 300 lbs, get ready to spend around 160-180 bucks. After testing several folding wagons, the Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon is a bang for the buck.

It’s tough and easy to maneuver, and the bigger basket lets you store almost anything. The fabric is UV-resistant and doesn’t fade away easily. I hauled this wagon through multiple terrains, and it runs smoothly but struggled in fine sand. 

Lastly, it has a push-pull mechanism, making it a perfect choice for adults and older people looking for an easy-to-move wagon.

What We Like

  • The wagon rolls smoothly even when fully loaded
  • Powder-coated frame resists corrosion and other damages
  • Deeper interior capacity for carrying bigger supplies such as planters
  • The mesh pocket allows easy access to drinks and other stuff
  • Grippy handle for ease of hauling

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t run smoothly on beach sand
  • The tires don’t lock

Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon: FAQs

Q: Is the Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon deeper than other Mac Wagons?

A: It’s almost 3 inches deeper compared to a standard Mac Sports Wagon. Furthermore, this wagon is heavier due to its weight capacity and requires more storage space.

Q: Are the wheels loud on cement/gravel roads?

A: The wheels are big and have large treads, so you can expect some noise when hauling this wagon on gravel roads. 

Q: Can I get a canopy for this Mac push-pull wagon?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot mount a canopy on this wagon.

Is the Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon Worth It?

Yes, this 300 lbs capacity wagon is worth every penny if you want to haul heavy loads. The wagon can stroll on any terrain, and the deeper basket lets you lift bigger items. The frame ensures the wagon doesn’t tip over, and the 360-degree tires move smoothly in all directions.

Mac Sports offers this wagon in two colors- denim blue and black/gray, which looks stylish.


The best thing about the Mac Sports wagons is their promising durability and maneuverability. Moreover, the wagons don’t need assembly, saving you a tremendous amount of time. 

I hope this detailed review of the Mac Sports Push Pull Wagon has helped you decide if this is the wagon you’re looking for.

Got any questions about this wagon? Drop your queries in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you at the earliest opportunity.