Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon Review of 2024

Are you wondering if the Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon is perfect for family outings and carrying your yard supplies? After using it for several months, I’ve evaluated its capabilities and downsides, which I have curated in this review.

Read on to find out everything, such as its durability, weight capacity, and how the wagon performs on different trains.

My Rating for Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon: 4.5/5

Stability: 5/5

The bigger casters and well-balanced frame prevent it from tipping over, even when loaded fully. In addition, the extended shelf contributes to the overall stability when you haul more significant items, like a tent.

Foldability: 5/5

Folding the Mac Sports Double Decker is straightforward. There are handles atop the wagon, so you can carry it anywhere.

Capacity: 4/5

The weight capacity could be more impressive, considering it has a secondary storage shelf and mesh pockets.

Durability: 4.5/5

Durability is reflected in the design and construction. The frame is powder-coated for maximum protection against the elements.

Mac Sports Double Decker: Pros and Cons

What We Like

  • The two storage decks allow for better organization of your stuff
  • The telescoping handle eases maneuverability
  • The extended lower deck lets you carry large objects, such as coolers
  • Folds up to 8-inches thick for easy storage and transportation

What We Don’t Like

  • The wagon tires don’t lock
  • Lacks a food tray
  • It is difficult to maneuver in fine sand

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Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon: Key Specifications and Review 

  • Dimensions: 40″D x 20″W x 28″H
  • Folded Dimensions: 29.5″D x 17.5″W x 8″H
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Capacity: 150 lbs 
  • Tires: Swivel Casters 
  • Number of Baskets: 1 + 1 Deck

Easy Cargo Loading 

Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon

Although the weight capacity didn’t impress me much, the ease of loading made it one of my favorites. Whether you are a keen camper or want to haul your garden supplies, the double decks make things easier.

There is no need to stash everything in the main compartment, as the lower deck lets you keep your big tools handy at all times.

However, the primary basket is slightly disappointing due to its small size compared to popular options.

Besides carrying the cargo, you can also carry your drinks in mesh pockets to enjoy sipping as you stroll. 


It impacts the wagon’s performance and loading capabilities. I must say this double-decker from Mac Sports has a perfect outdoor design.

The design looks smart and sharp; for example, the extended shelf is at the back, preventing you from hurting your tendons. Although it might feel like an opinion, the wheels look short to me. My friends think they are the perfect size.


I loaded this up to the brim to test how well it maneuvers on different terrains. I put almost everything in it, such as camping coolers, chairs, and tents, to determine its real strength.

The casters strolled smoothly in my garden and on the pavement. However, the wagon struggled a bit in the fine sand.

I had to empty some weight to move it in fine sand. But once you get into motion, it runs smoothly, and I’ll credit the smooth-rolling casters.


I love wagons and have tried almost every popular model out there. The powder-coated frame gets full marks for durability. Additionally, the rubber tire tread lasts longer and offers a good grip, especially over concrete pavements.

The brand claims that they have used 600D polyester fabric for the basket, which is UV-resistant and easy to clean.

However, dark colors, such as blue and red, might not withstand scorching heat and can fade over time. If you have plans to hit the beach with this double-decker cart, go for lighter colors.


Mac Sports manufactures the best wagons in terms of portability. Their double-decker cart is just 8 inches thick when folded, and you can carry it inside the trunk or in the backseat of your car.

The extended lower shelf also folds in and doesn’t protrude, making it easier to travel with this. You receive a carry bag with it, making storage and transportation more convenient.


Generally, wagons don’t have a lot of features, and the case here is the same. However, I noticed two things that are convenient for everyone looking to get a double-decker cart:.

First, it has a telescoping handle that adjusts to your height. Second, it has two mesh bottle holders, and you can carry your drinks.

Value for Money 

You can get this wagon for under $150, so it’s a great option if you aren’t looking to splurge. The beautiful color choices and 1-year warranty make it an amazing pick.

FAQs: Mac Sports Double Decker

Q: Can kids sit in a Mac Sports Wagon?

A: While the Mac Sports Double Decker is a sturdy one, you should refrain from putting your kids on it. The weight capacity of this is 150 lbs, and it could be dangerous to have your kids ride on it.

Q: How much weight can a Mac hold?

A: The Double Decker from Mac can hold up to 150 lbs. collectively, including the upper and lower deck. The wagon can tip over if loaded incorrectly.

Q: Does Mac Sports have brakes?

A: The Mac Sports Double Decker doesn’t have brakes or lockable tires. You need to be careful when loading or unloading it on inclined surfaces.

Q: Can I take a Mac Wagon on a plane?

A: It depends on the airline’s policies and other related factors. Since Mac Sports offers foldables that are lightweight, you can take them on a plane. Make sure to speak to an airline’s representative before traveling with it.

Is a Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon worth it?

If you love to load a wagon fully with camping gear and garden supplies, the Mac Sports Double Decker wagon is worth it. It’s affordable, durable, and perfect for taking on any terrain.

The best part about it is its foldability. You can fold it quickly, and the large carrying handles make transportation easier.

Lastly, the cart doesn’t require assembly or installation, and you can keep your tools at home.


This is one of the best wagons I own, thanks to its reliability and extended storage shelf. The carrying capacity might not be that impressive, but it’s sufficient for a family looking to go camping with kids.

You can even use it at home for small transportation tasks, making this wagon a versatile choice. Lastly, fold the wagon and store it when not in use, as it occupies minimal space.

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