Ollieroo Folding Wagon vs YSC Folding Wagon (2023)

Ollieroo Folding Wagon vs YSC Folding Wagon – Have you ever craved managing your shopping or garden to be at ease?

Things to carry till you reach your transportation or something to hold when you don’t have a shed in your yard? Well, each and every customer has their own unique choice based on their preference or shopping taste.

Of course, you have your own choice too depending on size, design, and color, etc. In this article, we are going to speak about Ollieroo Folding Wagon vs. YSC Folding Wagon. Ollieroo Folding Wagon and YSC Folding Wagon both are best on their own.

Both wagons are custom made for the different purchase. There is always something choosy for the entire family depending upon each cart attributes, be it color, size or shape. Let us discuss these two wagons in detail to make your purchase easier.

We hope at the end of the article you will be able to make your final choice – Find out which fits for you!

best-folding-wagon Ollieroo vs YSC

Comparison of Ollieroo vs YSC 2023

Ollieroo Folding Wagon

best-folding-wagon-review Ollieroo vs YSC

Let us go for the first wagon, Ollieroo Folding Wagon – this utility cart is a multi-purpose wagon, you can use it as a shopping cart, gardening, trolley for a family outing and it would be beneficial for trips, camping, park, outdoor sporting events and much more!

This folding hand cart manufactured by Ollieroo is a perfect one for consumers who are looking for a high-capacity wagon. Many satisfying customers love this cart for being so handy, but few say it’s not good to go to the beach.

Its wheel and handle are designed carefully, keeping in mind for easy hauling. The fabric is made up of polyester so no worries about cleaning it as it can be wiped with soap and water easily. The color is always in demand, so it comes in three shades – Red, Blue, and Green. If you desire a simple and profitable, then Ollieroo Folding Wagon is all about your wish!

All the customers have a positive experience with Ollieroo outdoor utility folding wagon. They find it reliable, chunky, and folds up flat. They accepted the fact of calling it as “Perfect cart “for city usage.

Nevertheless, we also get to hear that it lacks the ability to take to the beach as it doesn’t pull good enough with weight in a sandy location. And there is also one dissatisfied buyer who says that the frame on her wagon started to bend within a few weeks.

We have listed out the clear specification, pros, and cons of Ollieroo Folding Wagon to understand the product feature.

Ollieroo Folding Wagon Specification

  • Product Weight – 23.5lb
  • Weight capacity – 150lb
  • Load space – approximately.34.3″ x 17.3″ x 10.2″
  • Material – 600D Polyester
  • Wheel size – 7″ made of rubber (Outer) and plastic (Inner)
  • Assembled size (open dimension – Length x Width x Height) – 48.5″ x 20″ x 19.3″
  • Drawbar length – approximately. 30’’
  • Frame – durable steel, powder – coated black
  • Folding dimension (length x width x height) – 30.5” x 20 x 8”
  • It’s convenient, reliable and chunky
  • Easy to clean
  • It has excellent capacity
  • Very easily folds up flat
  • Perfect for city use
  • It’s available in three different colors
  • Lack of beach usage


YSC Folding Utility Shopping Cart 2023

YSC is a versatile wagon and is designed for shopping, gardening, and general hauling, but few customers have tried using it as the transport to their toddlers.

YSC manufacturers this folding cart is a good option for consumers who are looking fobest-folding-wagon-reviews Ollieroo vs YSCr a folding utility shopping cart. Many satisfying customers love this cart for its construction and handiness. However few customers are unhappy with its size and precise designing defects.

This multi-purpose wagon is very lightweight, yet it has 150 lbs of weight capacity. Its material is made up of polyester and many claims being it durable – high strength cart. It also has three color options to choose from such as Red, Deep Red, and Navy Blue.

This compact wagon seems like a decent choice if you are looking for an adaptable cart that requires no assembly.

There are many buyers and online reviewers who come up assuring it is convenient, lightweight, a strong, and a great deal for kids and groceries.

Customers are delighted with YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart as it is effortless to open and fold up. And when you fold it up, it halts folded, rather than slipping back open. It is also very easy for navigation (response quickly to turning). The wheels roll smoothly over different surfaces, the way pulls more effortlessly on grass, concrete, gravel, and indoors.

Anyways, many shoppers criticize about the size being smaller than shown, as well as about the handle being uncomfortable and short. They recommend getting a different wagon for beach excursions as it doesn’t have big enough wheels to pull up quickly on sands.

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YSC Folding Garden Wagon Specification

  • Item Weight – 12 pounds
  • Weight capacity -150lb
  • Material -600D polyester fabric
  • Product Dimensions – 29.9” x 6.9” x 19.7”
  • Assembled size (open dimension – Length x Width x Height) – 32.7”x19.7”x20.1”
  • Folding dimension (length x width x height) – 29.9 “x 19.7” x 6.9”
  • No assembly Required – Just unfold, and you are ready!
  • Easy to open and fold up
  • It’s convenient and durable
  • The wheels roll smoothly on flat surface
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s easy to navigate (response quickly to turning)
  • It’s very sturdy yet very light-weight
  • It stays folded when you fold it unlike few that open-up
  • Available in three different colors
  • Customer finds it very small in size that makes it uncomfortable because of the short handle for hauling
  • However, like Ollieroo Folding Wagon, it’s not that good for beach trips.


Final Verdict

We hope, we made it easy for making your purchase. Both wagon Ollieroo Folding Wagon vs YSC Folding Wagon has its own unique specialty and purpose, and of course with few little drawbacks.  But these wagons are loved and rated more for being the best utility cart. Now you are ready for your final shopping!