What Do the Numbers Mean on a Radio Flyer Wagon?

Radio Flyer Inc. is known worldwide. The company has made toys for children for many years. One of their most loved toys is the Radio Flyer Wagon. This wagon has a simple design but brings joy to many. It has been part of childhoods for many years.

Decoding the Model Numbers

This article aims to clear up a mystery. It will explain what the model numbers on a Radio Flyer Wagon mean. Many do not know this. The numbers tell a story about each wagon’s features. Understanding them can help you make a good choice when buying a wagon. We will explain this in a way that is easy to grasp. Our hope is that this article will be both helpful and fun to read.

What are Radio Flyer Wagon Numbers?

Model numbers are on all Radio Flyer Wagons. These are not random numbers. They have a purpose. They help the company track each wagon model. But these numbers are not just for the company. They are also helpful for buyers. The numbers can tell you about the wagon’s features.

Understanding the Numbering System

The numbering system of Radio Flyer Wagons is not hard to understand. Each digit in the model number tells a part of the story. Some digits may point to the wagon’s size. Others might tell you about the type of wheels. Some may even tell about special features. The key is to know what each digit stands for. Once you know this, you can read the model number like a book. This way, you know exactly what you are getting when you buy a Radio Flyer Wagon.

Breaking Down the Numbering System

The Radio Flyer Wagon numbering system has a pattern. Each number in the model has a specific meaning. It’s like a secret code for each wagon’s features. For example, the first digit might show the wagon’s size. The second might show the type of wheels. The last digits might tell you about other features. Knowing this code can help you choose the right wagon.

Examples of Model Numbers and Their Meanings

  • Let’s take an example. Consider the Radio Flyer Wagon model number 2705. The ‘2’ might mean it’s a medium-sized wagon. The ‘7’ could mean it has all-terrain wheels. The ’05’ could show it has a seat and a sunshade.
  • Another example is the model number 1333. The ‘1’ might suggest it’s a small wagon. The ‘3’ could indicate it has standard wheels. The last ’33’ might mean it comes with a basic seat.

These are just examples. Each model number tells a unique story about the wagon’s features. Learning this code can make shopping for a wagon a fun and informed experience.

What Do the Numbers Mean on a Radio Flyer Wagon 2023

Model: Steel and Wood Wagons

Position: Underside of the body of the wagon, on the Warning Label

Steel and Wood Wagons

Model: All Plastic Wagons

Position: Handle, on the Warning Label

All Plastic Wagons

Model: Ultimate EZ Fold and EZ Fold Wagons

Position: Black Handle, on the Warning Label OR Seat Belt Tag

Ultimate EZ Fold and EZ Fold Wagons

Model: 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon

Position: Warning label on black handle OR white tag at back of wagon

Model 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagons

Radio Flyer Wagon for Kids


Knowing model numbers on a Radio Flyer Wagon is important. This knowledge can be a tool. It helps you find the best wagon for your needs. Remember, each number is a clue. It tells you about the size, wheels, and other features.

Buyers and wagon lovers, do not ignore these numbers. They are your guide. They help you understand what you are buying. They make your purchase a smart one. So next time, when you see a model number, don’t just pass by. Take a moment, break it down, and see the story it tells.

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