Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon Review

Choosing the right wagon for your kids can be tough. The Radio Flyer Voya Jogging Stroller Waggon combines safety, comfort, and convenience in one package. This blog post will detail how it meets the needs of families on the go.  Discover its features next.

Key Takeaways

  • The Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Waggon is built strong with a metal frame and high-quality fabric, holding up to 120 pounds. It’s made for kids from 6 months to 5 years old.
  • It comes with comfy features like padded seats, footwell, UPF 50+ canopies, and a snack tray. Safety is also key, with dual harnesses and rear brakes.
  • There’s lots of room for stuff with XL storage bags and pockets. Plus, it has easy-to-use handles for adults to push or pull the wagon smoothly on any adventure.
  • People who bought this wagon love it because it moves well on all kinds of ground. They give it high marks for being easy to use and store things safely.
  • Compared to other wagons, the Voya stands out for its design and eco-friendly actions. It plants a tree for each wagon sold and offers carbon-neutral shipping.

Key Features of the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon

A child playing in a wagon filled with toys and snacks.

The Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon comes packed with features that make rides comfy and safe. It offers plenty of room for storage, ensuring toys and snacks stay within easy reach.

Comfort features

Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon brings comfort to every ride with its built-in padded seats and footwell, ensuring a cozy journey for the little ones. For protection against the sun, it features dual UPF 50+ extendable canopies.

Kids also get a removable snack tray with cupholders, making snacks on the go easy and mess-free. The wagon is designed with families in mind, featuring a height-adjustable push handlebar that makes steering comfortable for adults of any height.

Every detail from seat padding to adjustable canopies focuses on rider comfort.

Moving onto safety features, this wagon ensures peace of mind during every adventure.

Safety features

Transitioning from the comfort aspects, the Voya Jogging Stroller Wagon places a high priority on safety for children. It comes equipped with dual 5-point harnesses featuring shoulder pads, ensuring that kids are secure and comfortable during rides. The wagon also includes a rear parking brake, providing added stability when stationary. Its design incorporates low and rigid side walls to prevent falls, making it safer for young passengers.

This commitment to safety is further confirmed by its certification as a B Corp, reflecting high standards in social and environmental responsibility. These features demonstrate the wagon’s dedication to keeping children safe while offering peace of mind to parents.

Storage capacity

The Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon shines with its vast storage solutions. It boasts an XL rear bags and mesh inside pockets for toys, snacks, and essentials. Parents get a special caddy plus two cupholders that detach for drinks on the go.

This design supports busy families, allowing them to pack up easily and hit the road without leaving necessities behind.

Its large storage means it can handle two kids comfortably in padded seats, making every ride smooth and enjoyable. With these features, packing for any adventure becomes simpler and more organized, securing everything your family needs while keeping items within easy reach during journeys.

Voya Stroller Wagon Design and Materials

The Voya Stroller Wagon uses strong metal and high-quality fabric for a tough build. Its look is clean and fun, perfect for family outings.


Radio Flyer Voya Jogging Stroller Wagon stands out for its strong build. It has a lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame that supports up to 120 pounds. This means it can easily carry kids from 6 months to 5 years old without breaking or bending.

Its durable wheels offer a smooth ride, whether inside the house or on outdoor adventures. These wheels are made to last, making sure your rides stay smooth over time. Plus, with materials chosen for longevity, this wagon is built to withstand lots of use and various weather conditions without losing its quality.

Design aesthetics

The Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon stands out with a sleek design, featuring a footwell for extra feet space ensuring comfort. Its double canopies have mesh sides for added ventilation, keeping the ride cool and airy. With premium vegan leather on both handlebars, this wagon combines luxury with practicality. The color scheme of gray is sophisticated and appeals to both children and adults alike.

The compact yet spacious design of the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon makes it an attractive choice for families.

Materials like fabric and aluminum give the wagon durability and lightness. Weighing 39 pounds, it’s easy to pull but strong enough to hold up to 120 pounds. This balance between sturdiness and ease of use highlights thoughtful engineering crafted to meet family needs indoors or outdoors.

User Feedback and Performance

People who bought the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon say it’s easy to pull and turns well. They like how it rides smoothly over different grounds.

Consumer ratings

The Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon, released on June 6, 2023, quickly garnered positive customer feedback. With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 80 reviews, buyers highlight its ease of use and secure accessory storage. This model stands out in the Kids’ Pull-Along Wagon category, ranking #14. The wagon’s high consumer ratings reflect its overall practicality and affordability as a luxury option.

AspectRating (Out of 5 Stars)Comments
Ease of Use4.6Customers appreciate the wagon's user-friendly design.
Storage4.6Secure storage for accessories is highly valued.
Practicality4.6The wagon is praised for its practical features.
Affordability4.6Recognized as a luxury option at an affordable price.

This table summarizes the consumer ratings, showcasing the wagon’s standout features according to buyer feedback.

Maneuverability and ease of use

Moving from how users rate it, the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon stands out for its maneuverability and ease of use. You can push it like a stroller or pull it like a wagon, making it ideal for various outings.

Its lightweight design, at just 39 pounds, and smart storage options mean you don’t have to worry about heavy lifting or where to put your things. The four pneumatic wheels glide smoothly on different surfaces, whether you’re indoors or exploring outdoors.

The key to adventure is not just reaching the destination but enjoying the journey. With its easy push-and-pull functionality, the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon ensures that every trip is a pleasure.

Its ability to fold easily adds to its convenience. Whether you need more space in your car trunk or storage at home, this wagon has got you covered. It’s designed with busy families in mind—simple assembly means less time setting up and more time moving around comfortably with everything you need packed neatly inside.

Comparison with Other Wagon Models

In comparing the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon with other wagons, it stands out for its unique blend of safety and comfort. While similar products exist, the Voya’s storage solutions and ease of folding make it a strong choice for families on the move.

Similar products

Exploring wagons similar to the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon highlights a range of options for consumers. Each product listed below offers unique features and specifications that cater to different needs and preferences.

ProductRelease DateCustomer RatingsUnique FeaturesManufacturer
Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller WagonN/AVaries2-in-1 functionalityBaby Trend
Joey Stroller WagonN/AVariesCompact designJoey
Larktale Caravan Stroller WagonN/AVariesMultiposition reclining seatsLarktale
Wonderfold Volkswagen Quad Stroller WagonN/AVariesUnique Volkswagen designWonderfold

Each product brings its own approach to blending functionality with convenience, from the 2-in-1 feature of the Baby Trend Expedition to the unique Volkswagen-inspired design of the Wonderfold model. Whether looking for compact storage, reclining seats, or a distinctive aesthetic, there’s a wagon to meet various family needs.

Unique selling points

Transitioning from the examination of similar products, the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon stands out due to its unique selling points. These features set it apart from competitors and enhance the overall user experience.

Unique Selling PointsDetails
Double WarrantyAll purchases come with a double warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.
Eco-Friendly InitiativesFor each product sold, Radio Flyer plants a tree, and offers carbon-neutral shipping, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability.
VersatilityFunctions as both a stroller and a wagon, providing an all-in-one solution for family outings.
Design and MaterialMade with durable aluminum and fabric, the wagon is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with a sleek gray color scheme.
Safety FeaturesEquipped with pneumatic caster types for smooth maneuverability, ensuring a safe journey for the little ones.

These points highlight the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and versatility, making it a standout choice for families .


The Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon stands out for its safety, comfort, and practicality. With a load limit of 120 lbs and dual UPF 50+ canopies, it suits children aged 6 months and older perfectly.

Its sturdy aluminum frame and agile wheels make it easy to move around. Owners rave about the wagon’s handy storage options and how simple it is to fold for travel or put away. Unique features like the Never Fall™ pull handle add convenience not seen in similar wagons.

The Voya Stroller Wagon proves itself as a top choice for parents valuing quality, durability, and child-friendly design.

FAQs on Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon

The Radio Flyer Voya Wagon includes a variety of safety features such as child seat belts and a sturdy design to ensure kids' protection.
Made with high-quality materials, the Voya Wagon stands up to daily use, making it highly durable for all your adventures.
Yes, its innovative folding mechanism allows for easy storage solutions, fitting into tight spaces when not in use.
Absolutely! It comes with comfort features like padded seats and ample space, ensuring a cozy ride for children.
The Voya wagon offers great value with its competitive pricing while providing superior quality and features compared to other brands.
Its design allows adaptability across various terrains, ensuring smooth rides on everything from city sidewalks to park trails.

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