Step 2 Igloo Wagon With Cooler

Step 2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler is designed especially for your kid’s outdoor trip.  It has the canopy to protect your children from harmful UV rays which are the biggest concern. The wheels are super smooth to go all around schools, grocery shop, and restaurant or sidewalks. In addition of the cooler – It is perfect for storing food and refreshing drinks for the entire time during a trip.

If you’re in the flea market for a wagon and take a lot of outings where a cooler would come in handy, this is a best one to consider. The Step 2 Igloo Wagon is designed for kids that seat two children; it’s a multi-functional wagon that’s brilliant and useful! With Step 2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler, kids will enjoy the fun full ride in a wagon

Step-2-Igloo-Wagon-with-Cooler Step 2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler

Step 2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler Specifications

  • Recommendable age – 18 months – 5 years
  • Canopy – Large, detachable canopy provides shade
  • Cup holder -Two convenient cup holders up
  • Cooler – Functional 10 inches (25.4 cm) tall cooler bag with durable zipper lid comes with a convenient top hatch door to carry bottles or snacks
  • Wheels – Large 10″ (25.4cm) diameter wheels for an enjoyable ride
  • Handle – Comfortable handle folds under for storage or transport
  • Product Dimensions – 20.2 x 42.5 x 39.5 inches
  • Item Weight – 33.5 pounds
  • Material – Plastic

Things to consider before you buy Step 2 Wagon

Step 2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler Pros

  • It is very durable
  • Easy to put together and excellent functionality
  • Removable – cooler, it keeps ice for the day
  • The compartment in this wagon is very spacious
  • Easy to use storage and drink holders
  • The wheels work that is far better than a stroller

Step 2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler Cons

  • It’s quite heavy to carry
  • The biggest drawback to the wagon is that it’s rather large and hard time fitting it in your car
  • A little difficult for a kid to stand and sit
  • There are no seat belts so can be little issue for parents who concern about kids safety



Step 2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler is constructed keeping your child’s need and no reason to worry about it slanting over at turns due to the wide-ranging, secure shape of it, and you will love the cup holders and huge storage space. It is larger in size than the All-around Canopy Wagon which means you can store more stuff, but it is big to fit in few car. Overall, this wagon is tremendous, and you can use it for more years!

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I love this wagon. I had been looking for a while now and found a great deal on these. It is a bit bulky and had a hard time getting it into my SUV but I recently read the handle folds down to accommodate that. The ice chest fits right underneath the hard plastic board. since this is removable it would be easy to keep that out and either uses the provided ice chest or a smaller one so that my toddler can sit up with his legs and feet beneath him instead of out in front of him. It is very durable as we used this for zoo trips and baseball games. It was very easy to put together and took maybe about 30 minutes. The ice chest does have a flap on the top so that is also easy to grab a drink or snack without having to unzip the whole thing. This does come with an umbrella which is removable. It is also very easy to put on or take off.

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