Step 2 All around Canopy Wagon is equipped with multiple useful features for your next outdoor trip with your children.

With Step2 All around Canopy Wagon carrying your naughty little kids has never been easier than has designed keeping all the necessities of kids in mind.

For your child’s security, Step 2 All around Canopy Wagon provides extra shade on top that is detachable you can remove or add to get rid of harmful sun rays or to keep your kid cool during summer.

Even during winter or rain, the canopy still stays in a place that can protect your child.

Step 2 All around Canopy Wagon comes with seats that can fold down to convert it to a flatbed, table and also usable for extra storage for your little ones. Kids love those storage spaces to carry all their playful stuff and eatable so it would be your best choice as it also has a separate large storage capacity and cup holder.

Step Two All Around Canopy Wagon

The wagon has two seat belts that buckle over the lap for your child to seat safely.

Unlike other wagon wheels that are very noisy, Step 2 Wagon With Canopy wheel has minimal noise and is a good choice for pulling and pushing easily all-around walks, park, shopping, etc.

Step-2-All-Around-Canopy-Wagon Step 2 All Around Canopy Wagon

Step 2 All Around Canopy Wagon Specifications 

  • Detachable canopy for shade
  • Two Seats that can be flipped down to transform into a flatbed or table
  • Noiseless and smooth wheels.
  • Features 6 cup holders and extra storage under the back end of the wagon.
  • Extra-long, easy-pull handle.
  • Easy-access door.
  • Features 6 cup holders.
  • Weight potential of 75 LBS.
  • Assembly required.
  • Dimensions: 19.5″L x 41″W x 40.5″H.
  • Good size for two different 3-year-olds of average size or larger.
  • The wheels are quiet.
  • Exterior storage space, ample cup holders, etc.
  • Seatbelts are sturdy.
  • Easy to put together (with some common sense skills and study guide, I did it while my hubby was out of town…with a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench in less than an hour).
  • When going downhill or at an angle, all wheels stay on the ground even with a weight difference on both sides.
    This is a major plus on the safe side as wagons go.
  • The door is nice if a child wants to “let them” in.
  • That darned canopy appeared like a perfect idea at the time…but it doesn’t say in the holes.
    At all, I think there is an added wagon with a plastic fixed top. I might get that one preferably.
  • The handle over elongates (towards the wagon).
  • Intending that if you come to an angular standstill, the holder goes towards the wagon and away from you by sheer gravity…and it will hit the kid sitting there in the back of the head.
  • I’ve done that at least three times on accident.
  • I might return it for that reason alone.
  • The exterior storage space will fit your phone, wallet, and keys not much more. The door is horrible to close.


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