Step 2 Pink Canopy Wagon (Choo Choo) Reviews (2023)

The Step 2 Canopy Wagon is designed for kids that seat two children; it’s a multi-purpose wagon that’s great and convenient for outdoor family tours. It’s detachable so you can easily store and carry it with you wherever you want.

  • The step 2 wagon for two aimed for kids to enjoy the whole fun riding in a wagon while the family is pulling them all around preschool, library, grocery,  friends’ houses, parks, coffee shop, farmer’s market, restaurants, etc.
  • It gives added benefit for kids that has a top for sun protection and comfortable seats. It also works well for people living in a windy place as it’s made up of a hard plastic canopy that is loved by all inhabitants in the windy area than the fabric canopy.

Step 2 Pink Canopy Wagon

It also has cup holders and a storage compartment on top of the canopy for kids so that they carry their bottles, eatables,s or toys with them.

Step-2-Canopy-Wagon-Review Step 2 Canopy Wagon

Step 2 Canopy Wagon Specifications

  • Great color scheme and innovative
  • Comfortable seat – Two seats and deep leg fit with molded-in drain holes
  • Size – 17 x 31 inches (43.2 cm x 78.7 cm) plastic canopy that features two cup holders and a little compartment for kids to store their favorite items
  • Wheels – Large 8 inch (20.3 cm) wheels with plastic tread deliver children an enjoyable wagon ride
  • Seat belts – it’s included for extra safety
  • Long handle – handle are folded under for easy transport and storage
  • Extra-large storage – compartment is inbuilt underneath the hinged rear seat
  • Weight – 29.5 lbs
  • Dimension – 38.50 H 20.00 W 40.00 D
  • Weight limit – 75 lbs. (34.1 kg)
  • Recommended age: 1.5 and up

Things to consider before you buy Step 2 Canopy Wagon

  • Very sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to use storage and drink holders.
  • The sun-shade to protect from the hot sun.
  • The wheels work better than a stroller on the beach.
  • The top is separable, so can be reused when the children get older.
  • The seat-belts are a significant advantageous for small kids.
  • Wheels are noisy when used in concreted roads.
  • Wheels are plastic, unlike another rubber one.
  • The weight limit can be an issue for a few.
  • Adult assembly is necessary to pull.



Step 2 Canopy Wagon is a great wagon in concept with the hard shield canopy being an innovative addition. It’s all in one wagon that brings both comfort and protection for your children. Kids are going to enjoy the ride with the excellent storage capacity! We heard back from many customers to be the best and recommended Wagon.

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