Step 2 Canopy Cruise Wagon 2023

The Step 2 Canopy Cruise Wagon is designed mainly to provide a shady and comfortable ride. The fabric canopy with the 2-seater wagon is detachable, and UV-resistant provides protection from the components.

  • This wagon would be an ideal choice for parents who want extra protection for their kids during summer.
  • Step2 Canopy Cruise wagon is an excellent way to transport the kids, and they will have so much fun riding around!

Step 2 Canopy Wagon features inbuilt cup holders and storage areas for your little ones to carry all their toys and snacks.

Step 2 Canopy Cruise Wagon

  • The handle provided by Step2 Canopy Cruise Wagon conveniently folds under for easy car transport and stress-free storage.
  • The step 2 wagon for two offers high-quality plastic construction. It is resistant and manufactured to utilize the product and to last for years.

Step-2-Canopy-Cruise-Wagon Step 2 Canopy Cruise Wagon

Step 2 Canopy Cruise Wagon Specifications

  1. Recommended Age – 18 months to 6 years
  2. Size – 20″ long x 39″ wide x 17″ high
  3. Sizeable two-seater wagon
  4. Detachable, UV-resistant fabric canopy
  5. Two safety belts help to keep kids secure
  6. Interactive product tour
  7. Molded-in seats with footwells for added comfort
  8. 360° Rotation
  9. Inbuilt cup holders
  10. Storage for your child’s toys and snacks
  11. Handle folds under the wagon for easy car transport and storage
  12. Plastic manufacture
  13. Maximum weight limit – 80 lbs
  14. Product Weight – 21.0 lbs
  15. Product Dimensions – 20 x 39 x 17 inches

Things to consider before you buy Step 2 Wagon

  • Wheels roll easy and smooth.
  • Protected from Ultra-Violet rays keep them from being overheated during the walk.
  • The Step2 Canopy Cruise Wagon does offer dual cup holders on one side, while the other side can hold juice boxes, toys, sunglasses, etc.
  • The Canopy is detachable, and you can easily store the wagon as the long handle folds under the wagon that helps to make it more compact.
  • It does not have a door for the children to get in and out, which can be a challenge for little legs.
  • The Canopy poles slip out easily, Should have some locking device or deeper holes to help hold them in place better.



The Step 2 Canopy Cruise Wagon is the best choice who is looking for UV protection for their little ones. It’s all in one wagon that delivers both comfort and security for your kids. Both parents and kids are going to enjoy the ride with the ease of pulling and excellent storage capacity! Many customers love having this product for their children.

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