Blue Folding Wagon With Canopy

This Blue Folding Wagon with Canopy makes for a great multi functional item in your everyday life. Because of its versatility in what concerns the terrains, it can roll on; this wagon is comfortable to use. Of course, one of its best pluses is that it can store plenty of things, while still offering a stable and safe ride. Its large interior and generous storage capacity permit you to easily carry up to 120 pounds of gear at a time. In fact, this means you won’t have to take endless trips back and forth to manage to carry all your groceries or your stuff from one place to another. The wagon is also very compact and can be quickly and effortlessly folded up in just a matter of seconds. By only pulling the string in the center of the wagon, you will have a cart of just 23.5″W x 45″ D x 25.5″H. So this is a great solution for those who want to transport their wagon wherever they like, without much effort and without using too much space.

Blue-Folding-Wagon-With-Canopy Blue Folding Wagon With Canopy

Blue Folding Wagon With Canopy Features

This folding wagon with canopy comes with an adjustable handle that offers easy transport across multiple surfaces such as pavement, grass, snow, and sand. This wagon is built to last and to endure. It’s oversized; rubber tread wheels make it roll smoothly and quietly, while still carrying heavy loads. Also, its sturdy frame and strong Cordura fabric provide enough strength to haul your gear wherever you need. Not to mention that this folding utility wagon is extremely durable and still easy to handle. You’ll find yourself quite pleased with its adaptability, as well. It’s effortless to organize because it can haul different loads. The canopy can be put up and taken off whenever you please. It’ll protect from sun or rain, and it can be quickly taken off using the four retractable corners. Not only can you fold the canopy, but, of course, you can fold the wagon itself and store it away until you need it next for another trip.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before buying this folding wagon with canopy, keep in mind that’s quite difficult to maneuver when it comes to dealing with hills, stairs, or trying to stand it up when folded.

Blue Folding Wagon With Canopy Pros

  • Built with sturdy Cordura fabric;
  • Has a removable canopy;
  • Long adjustable handle;

Blue Folding Wagon With Canopy Cons

  • When loaded with gear over the weight of 50+ pounds, this wagon cannot roll on sand as well as it usually does on other surfaces;



The Blue Folding Wagon with Canopy allows you to carry and store a considerable amount of weight easily. You’ll enjoy quiet and steady rides due to its oversized, all-terrain wheels that’ll fastly adapt to all kinds of surfaces. Because, it’s so easy to set up and to fold down, this wagon with a canopy makes for a complete fit. If, you want to transport it with you somewhere comfortable. You’ll be quite pleased with its versatility and the safety it has to offer.

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Wonderful cart. Placed a pack and play mat in the bottom and used to pull my toddler around at fair. Will use this summer too when we go to the beach.

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