Red Folding Wagon With Canopy – Red Tires

The Red Folding Wagon With Canopy and Red Tyres doesn’t require any assembly and it’s at your disposal in a matter of seconds. This wagon with canopy is a sure option if you prefer great storage and easy transport combined in a single item. Because of the convenient compact design, you can take this wagon with you pretty much everywhere you need. Its sturdy frame and the rubber, oversized wheels will provide a safe and steady trip on all terrains. Also, the removable canopy will protect your gear from all elements. And when you don’t need it, it’s so easy to take off. Not to mention that setting this wagon up and taking it down is just a question of seconds. Using its long and comfortable handle, you’ll be able to manage and get a steady grip in all circumstances. Plus, the fact that its front wheels swivel is a great bonus and it adds to this wagon’s adaptability. You’ll certainly find it to be a useful addition to you and your family and friends.

Red-Folding-Wagon-Canopy-With-Red-Tires Red Folding Wagon With Canopy

Red Folding Wagon With Canopy Features

Built with a tough and steady design, this wagon with canopy can carry up to 120 pounds without any problem. You can now take your favorite items on the trips to the park or to the beach. The built-in rear basket is a great place to store your snacks, your kids’ toys, some beverages or even keys. Basically, you can now take your essentials wherever you go without having to worry about how you’ll going to carry them. And transporting the wagon itself is also not a problem. This wagon is easy to manage and to fold up. It can compactly fit in most car trucks and its canopy can always be removed to save up some space.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you’re thinking of buying this wagon with canopy, there is something you should know before you make up your mind. Although the Red Folding Wagon with Canopy and Red Tyres provides easy and safe transportation, when it has to roll on a sand, maneuvering it may seem quite a challenge. But with time and practice, you’ll be able to control it just as well as on any other terrain.

Red Folding Wagon With Canopy Pros

  • This wagon can carry up to 120 pounds;
  • It’s extremely easy to fold up and to take down;
  • Its front wheels swivel;
  • It has a large rear storage basket;

Red Folding Wagon With Canopy Cons

  • When it rolls on sand, this wagon’s wheels turn difficulty and doing so requires some extra force;



This versatile folding wagon with canopy is a suitable option if you want to have a safe and durable item at your disposal for different outdoor activities. With big wheels and stable frame structure, this wagon is a really convenient addition for hauling gears for trips or just around the house. Without any assembly required, you can easily manage to get it going. All you have to do is pack it and unpack it, fold it and unfold it, whenever you wish. Then you can effortlessly transport it in your car to your next destination.

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This wagon is Great! The wide wheels make it easy to pull across the sand. We had it packed with a cooler, 2 folding chairs two beach bags and topped it off with the 10'x10' Easy Up. It was a piece of cake to pull across the sand and up/down the ramp to and from the parking lot. Smooth and quiet. I like it a lot better than the thin plastic tires on other wagons. It folds nearly flat and lays easily on top of everything in the trunk!